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I hurried to the station only to miss the train. Joshua pretended he was sick. Rafik seems temperamental.

The patient was discharged from hospital. He came up with the solution to the problem. I can't imagine life without him. The "One Piece" manga is very popular in Malaysia Has the house got a garden? I want to catch the six o'clock train to New York. Vidhyanath could explain that. Did Rob say anything he shouldn't have? This is a good bottle of wine. The author shows a great talent in the creation of his characters.

I have been a keyboardist at a local band for three years. Ritalynne currently lives in Australia. Nici guessed Eric's weight. It smells weird, doesn't it? He refused to inform them. Sidney was the first one to wake up. Luis and Annard will probably come by cab. She heaped her plate with salad. We'd better go look for Sassan.

I can respect why you did it. What do you think is the best way to settle this conflict? Some guy was trying to intimidate me.

No one is looking after this patient. I wish I had more time to talk with you. Rudolf doesn't know what kind of person Betty is. It's a town of three thousand souls. Everyone can't be right. Don't worry, we're on our way. They used to get on well together but now they are always quarreling. The old method proved to be best after all.

She is used to walking long distances. It isn't cheap enough for me to buy. How much does eletricity cost in the east of Germany?

Nikolai has already begun studying French. This drives me nuts. There's no stopping her. Manny says he's lived in Boston his whole life. I'll be there on Monday. They decided to meet there again after twenty years. I am hoping against hope. Are you still out of your mind?

We thought you were coming with us.

Why must you call me at such ungodly hours? And if he keeps messing with me I'll cut his head off! You're not allowed to eat those. Four more are needed to make fifty. Do you think I don't care? Even making an international phone call from a mobile, if it's Mobila then you can do it for 20 Yen per minute. I want to do it right this time. I had to trust her.

I was told to leave this alone. They made a terrible racket. We could be here a while. Everyone in this cult wears orange clothes, just like in jail. With one swift kick, the door busted down! Did you come here by car? Casper may never get out of prison. Should we really trust them? I turned one on. Warning: Chilean Spanish may sound weird in any other place.

He's getting on well in his new business. I never dreamed of there being such a quiet place. This is exhilarating. Japan is surpassing China in economic power. This land is my home. Murthy was killed in 2013. All of my friends like her.

This promotion properly reflects the quality and diligence of your work. Janice acted as if he heard nothing. I have been living here for years. The Martians have conquered the earth. Anyone can make a mistake. Have you read my report? When two armies met, they drew up and fought a pitched battle. I was almost certain you'd say something like that. I'm sorry for that. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has offered to resign.